Our vineyards have ancient roots and an extraordinarily innovative evolution, for many years we have focused to bring back to life the indigenous grapes of Tuscany Renaissence in order to produce superior and elegant wines. At Piandaccoli we work hard to achieve excellence thanks to the people who share the enthusiasm and the passion of the founder Giampaolo Bruni, with drive and creativity he started this project in the family estate using environmentally friendly process and minimizing the use of harmful substances, promoting biodiversity of our viticulture while preserving our history. The varietals planted at our estate consist of the following: Barsaglina a native Tuscan grape of which we know from the late nineteenth century, Colorino which takes its name from its dark color in the peel, Foglia Tonda the prince of the autochthonous Tuscan grapes, Mammolo autochthonous varietal with Tuscan origins shown since the seventeenth century, Pugnitello of which the bunch recalls the shape of a small fist and Sangiovese the most famous Tuscan grape varietal of which we have planted 11 different clones.